Cleaning & Floor Care

Blue H Floor Cleaning Machine by Hagerty

This multi-purpose cleaner professionally Cleans Carpets, Wood Floors, and Hard Floors. It may even be used for sealed parquet and laminate (water resistant).


Professionally cleans hard wood floors
Water Resistant
Professional Cleaner for sealed parquet and laminate

Half Day: £15.00
Day: £25.00
Extra Day: £12.50
Week: £60.00

Drain Rods

Half Day: £7.50
Day: £12.00
Extra Day: £6.00
Week: £24.00

HT8-1 Floor Sander

A high performance drum floor sander designed for the
rental and building maintenance markets. A powerful
four brush motor drives a dynamically balanced sanding
drum which is covered in a unique drum rubber, sanding
a high quality finish on all types of wood flooring,
decking and many other surfaces. Completely self
contained with a high efficiency dust pickup the machine
breaks down into three simple component parts for easy
transport. With a low voltage trip switch the HT8-1.2 is
suitable for use by the professional and homeowner.


Simple setup and operation make the HT8-1.2 easy to
use and sand a quality finish. The unique drum rubber
resists abrasion and damaged caused by exposed nails.
While the continuous heavy duty self cooling four brush
motor, will not stall or slow down under load when
sanding with coarse grit abrasives, removing old surface
finishes and deposits of wax and dirt. Simple and speedy
service routines keep the HT8-1.2 performing and
minimize down time. The drum rubber is easy to replace
when needed in just 20 minutes. The high impact ABS
injection molded side guards and drum guard will not
scar or scuff walls. The drum guard will even support the
weight of the machine if the user lifts the sander by the
guard. Robust and very strong they withstand the rough
handling experienced in rental.


Power Supply: 220/250V 50/60Hz
110/120V 50/60Hz
Off Load Current: 220/250V 5A
110/120V 8A
Load Current (Av.): 220/250V 8A
110/120V 15A
Noise: 95dBa at 1 metre
Switch: Low voltage trip and overload
Motor: Continuous heavy duty AC/DC self
cooling four brush.
Motor RPM: 8,500
Drum RPM: 3,300
Drum: 200mm (8") wide extruded aluminium
drum dynamically balanced with
screw on moulded rubber cover.
Abrasive: 495mm total length x 203mm
wide with notched and angled
ends 24 to 120 grit.
Drive: Non-slip toothed timing belts and
gear cut pulleys.
Dust Pick-up: Seated oversize wide blade
vacuum fan with adjustable dust
pan. Disposable paper dust bags
or cloth bag.
Weight: 41.5kg (91.5lbs)
Shipping Weight: 50.0kg (110.3lbs)

Day: £40.00
Extra Day: £20.00
Week: £80.00

Karcher SC2600 Steam Cleaner

How does it work? Steam combined with the bar pressure (psi) gets under the dirt and emulsifies grease allowing you to wipe away any residue soilage. The steam action also kills bacteria and therefore sanitising the surface.

To get the most out of a steamer it is all about clean the surface quickly and often rather than restorative cleaning, Stick to this and all cleaning tasks around the home will be a breeze. The Karcher SC2600 will work on most surfaces including, floors, walls, chrome work including taps and showers, granite tops, upvc and plastic, windows, oven and hobs, as well as mattresses carpets and upholstery.

Half Day: £10.00
Day: £15.00
Extra Day: £7.50
Week: £30.00

Mighty Pro - The Best Carpet Cleaning Choice

From top to bottom, you'll find there's a dramatic difference between the Mighty Pro and department store home units.

Mighty Pro comes with a selection of products including the Upholstery Kit featuring the Universal Hand Tool. Powerful suction equal to the machine's normal intake makes cleaning quick and easy. The 12' hose attachment also lets you clean stairs, tight spaces, cars, boats and RVs.


Weight: 15.9kg
Fill Coverage: 118 sq. ft.
Adjustable handle height: 5.5" - 35"
Depth adjuster (rear): 2 positions
Brush Width: 9.25"
Brush Type: Vibrating
Solution Pump: Single Pump and Jets - 28psi
Solution tank capacity: 2.6 gal.
Recovery tank capacity: 3.1 gal.
Electrical Requirement: 120 volt

Half Day: £20.00
Day: £30.00
Extra Day: £15.00
Week: £75.00

Nilfisc ALTO Neptune 5 Hot Pressure Washer

Medium-size mobile hot water high pressure washer for cleaning in any sector.

The Versitile Neptune 5 series combines low running costs, robustness, ease of use, low noise and high cleaning efficiency.


Eco Power boiler with >92% efficiency
Full ceramic piston pump
Reduced running costs
1450 rpm motor with low noise level
Easy to use control panel, all controls in one place
ERGO quick change accessory system for additional user comfort

Half Day: £75.00
Day: £90.00
Extra Day: £45.00
Week: £180.00

Nilfisc E 130.2 domestic pressure washer

The E 130.2 is a domestic pressure washer, which offers, along with a good performance level, a high level of comfort, flexibility and user-friendliness. For all types of medium to high frequency cleaning tasks around the house. Perfect for cleaning 4x4 vehicles, caravans and of course the patio. Can be supplied with a specific Patio Cleaning attachment!

The E 130.2 is very mobile, due to the upright and ergonomic design and the extra handle for lifting and the build in telescopic handle makes it easy to store away as a compact unit. The storage options also include storage of Click&Clean (C&C auto brush or a rotary brush. The height of the products ensure good ergonomic. The C&C nozzle system makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling ensures compatibility to the Nilfisk consumer accessories range. It is standard with a reliable and long lasting induction motor. It can be stored and used as a stationary solution on the wall by separate wall-hook.

Patio Cleaner Plus. Cleans six times faster than a conventional nozzle. Ideal accessory for cleaning large flat surface areas. Reduces splashback.


Reliable aluminum pump
Telescopic handle with sturdy and robust aluminum tubes
Trolley on the X-TRA models ensures high mobility
Storage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayer
Integrated storage for hose and electric cable
Pressure regulation
Click&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzle
Automatic start/stop
Sturdy and robust design
Noise reduction by rubber suspension of motor pump unit
Can be used as stationary solution with a separate wall hook
"S" models are supplied with the wall hook as standard
"P" models include a Patio Plus cleaner

Half Day: £15.00
Day: £20.00
Extra Day: £10.00
Week: £40.00

Stiga SWS 800 Hard Floor Sweeper

Our new SWS 800 G sweeper - Its simple, comfortable to use and you always have the work in view. perfect for removing leaves, litter, grass trimmings and snow from pathways and driveways throughout the year. The impressive 80 cm wide brush has a 35.5 cm diameter and includes an adjustable working angle of -15 degrees to +15 degrees. The machine gives off only a low level of noise, making it much more enjoyable to use when working outside.


5 forward and 2 reverse gears, plus pneumatic Snow Hog tyres to ensure good grip in tough conditions, the SWS 800G is a robust and manoeuvrable machine, all year round.


Working width 80 cm
Brush diameter 34.5 cm
Sound power level (LWA)99 dB (A)

Half Day: £45.00
Day: £70.00
Extra Day: £35.00
Week: £140.00